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Who We Are

Welcome to ZIMITA Zimbabwe-Italy Friendship Association

A friend is someone you share the path with. – African Proverb.



To build a future embedded with mutual development, growth, and productivity for all, through the consolidation of our friendship.



To achieve the vision by creating active cultural and socio-economic links, that support the continuity of bilateral cooperation between Italy and Zimbabwe, enhancing them to bear fruit.

What We Do

Our aim is to promote friendship and solidarity between the Italian and Zimbabwean people through an ever deeper mutual knowledge. 


Support & Cultural Exchange

To support and exchange, cultural, social and sporting activities and initiatives.


Research, Education & Training

Facilitate access to research, education and training to widen the scope of our synergies.

What We Offer

Membership Benefits

Our members get individual through personal introductions facilitated by the Association at its sectoral events and through its administration. 


Access to Italian and Zimbabwean events and exhibitions.


Through Zimita's powerful and broad communication channels such as website and Social Media


Our community is kept informed on new and existing members.


The association leverages its institutional contacts and strong personal relationships to intervene on behalf of its members.

Partners Our Partners

Events & News

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